Here’s what you need to know about my policies regarding your privacy here:

  • I will never sell or rent your email address to any third party. If you enter a giveaway or contest, your information may be given to a third party sponsor if you are the winner to allow them to send you your prize.
  • I sometimes link to other sites and I’m not responsible for the policies, practices or content once you click away from here.
  • PsychMamma is a private blog and contains public blog posts and comment fields. If you type something in a comment field, it becomes public information and I won’t be held responsible for any dumb things that you write. Be smart and use caution when leaving a post or participating in any of these areas.
  • Your information is never used for any reason other than listed above. I take your privacy as seriously as I take my own, and that’s pretty darn serious.

If you don’t like something about this privacy policy or my disclaimer, please mosey on to other bloggy ground.


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