Get Some Cash Back by Shopping Online. Really.

15 Feb

Money, cell phone and sodaphoto by espensorvik

Quick tip:

If you shop online, you can earn cash back from hundreds of popular sites by simply signing up for ebates! I’m usually somewhat wary of these sorts of claims and figure there’s a catch or that I’ll be inundated with spam email. I decided to give ebates a try and have been pleasantly surprised. I only get very occasional email notifications, and they’re specific to ebates, not spam. I’ve been signed up for a year, and I haven’t found any sort of “catch.” There’s no cost to sign up. You simply register at the ebates site, then, when you want to shop online, you go to the ebates site FIRST and click through to the retailer you need to order from. It took me a while to get used to going to clicking through the ebates site first, but getting cash back is a pretty big memory motivator! I just received a cash back check for $35! (Mostly from my online Christmas shopping) You can’t beat that.

To sign up for ebates, click this highlighted link.

It doesn’t get much easier to save a little money.


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