After Cookies And Milk

19 Dec

I recently found this fantastic Melissa & Doug Magnetic Calendar at a resale shop.  We brought it home and hung it up, and Jenna has been having a great time learning about days, seasons, and months, as well as playing with the activity magnets.  There are 139 little wooden magnets that create a perpetual calendar (for six years).  Many of the magnetic pieces have colorful pictures that show planned activities for the day.  A stack of books symbolizes a trip to the library, a stethoscope for a doctor visit, etc.

Yesterday, we were upstairs (nowhere near the calendar and hadn’t done the calendar for a couple of days), and we were talking about how many days until Grandpa and Grandma arrive.  Time is a hard concept for toddlers to grasp, and one of her most frequent questions is, “After my nap?”  For some reason, her nap is a solid point of reference for her.  So, when I asked her if she knew how many days until Grandpa and Grandma come, she asked that question first.  When I told her, “Not today.”  She thought for minute and then seriously asked, “After cookies and milk?”  I had NO idea what she was talking about.  This is a girl who doesn’t eat ANYTHING, let alone cookies and milk.  I was wracking my brain, and then it hit me:  the magnet we put on her calendar for “Grandparents’ Visit” has a picture of cookies and milk (I guess they’re synonymous)!!  I had to smile.

Sometimes, I’m completely amazed by the way her little brain works and the things she remembers.  If only mine still worked that well…….

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Posted by on December 19, 2008 in Jenna


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