No Dragons For Tea Book Review

01 Dec

No Dragons For Tea by Jean Pendziwol is a lovely, rhyming picture book about fire safety. A girl invites a dragon home to tea, and some pepper on a pickle causes a BIG problem:

“Then the dragon’s nose twitched, and he started to wheeze. His eyes misted up, and he blew a great sneeze.  A-A-A-Choooooo! . . . Flames shot from his mouth and from both nostrils too.”

The flames catch the curtains on fire and soon the fire is spreading.  The dragon gets scared and wants to hide under the rug, but the girl helps the dragon follow proper fire safety rules to get out of the house while her mom goes next door to call the fire department.

We don’t have this book yet, but read it at the library.  Jenna loved it, and I was very impressed with how well the fire safety information was presented in a way that was appealing to kids.  Although the fire creates some tension in the story, it’s not overly frightening.  The overall story is done with humor and light-heartedness, and the rhyming text and colorfully animated pictures kept Jenna engaged and interested.  I think this would be a wonderful book for us to purchase so that we can keep presenting the safety information in a hopefully memorable way.  Kudos to Ms. Pendziwol for presenting an important message in such a fun and engaging format.

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Posted by on December 1, 2008 in Book Reviews, Jenna


One response to “No Dragons For Tea Book Review

  1. Simon

    October 14, 2011 at 11:18 am

    What a great idea for a safety book! Who thought that learning what to do in the event of a fire could be made so easy to teach? This could be the start of a series perhaps? I enjoyed the rhyming verse and the pictures were nicely illustrated too.


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