A Green Camera?

12 Nov

If a camera is on your wishlist for Santa this year, consider Nikon’s new Coolpix S52.  It’s super-slim, has 9 megapixel resolution, and takes fantastic pictures.  Before I made the switch to a DSLR camera, the Coolpix went everywhere with me.  On vacations, Hubby insisted on carrying his 35mm camera along.  I slipped the Coolpix in my purse.  Two times, the 35mm broke or failed while on vacation.  We were worried that we wouldn’t have good pictures, but the Coolpix pulled through and the photos were amazing.  I love how portable it is.  Even though I LOVE my DSLR, there are times when I wish for the easy portability of the Coolpix again.

The new S52 comes in a special-edition green model through a partnership with Ritz Camera.  For every purchase, Ritz Camera will offset 1.91 tons of carbon (approximately the amount of the average American’s month carbon footprint) through contributions to  The camera also boasts lead and arsenic-free glass.

You can get your wish and save the environment at the same time.  🙂

Information courtesy of Plenty magazine
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Posted by on November 12, 2008 in Product Reviews


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