Special Needs Sunday: Links

05 Oct
Photo by ~Dezz~

If you’re a parent or family member of a child with Short Bowel Syndrome, or even if you’re just curious about more information regarding what we deal with every day after getting to know us a bit here, I’d like to direct you to a website called Short Gut Wiki.  The site is full of wonderful information about Short Bowel Syndrome (aka Short Gut), including: symptoms, origin and causes of Short Gut, treatments, tips and tricks, products, insurance and financial support, recommended doctors and hospitals, patient stories (like Jenna’s), recall and event information, and a glossary of terms.  The site is maintained and edited by parents of children with Short Gut who have first-hand experience with what they write.  There’s a permanent link in my blogroll on the right that you can use after this post is pushed down the page.  It’s an invaluable resource.

I also encourage you to check out Bridges.  From the website:

Bridges is an “awareness consortium” of compassionate bloggers who are using writing to educate, tell a story, bring awareness, and build community. The contributing editors all keep personal blogs and the blogroll serves as a cross-section of community where you can find various stories on a plethora of topics.

Bridges contributing editors (I am one) try to spend more time listening than speaking; more time learning than educating. Our ears, eyes, and hearts are open to new ideas. We want our vision of the world changed by what we read. We are willing to be engaged and challenged when done so politely from those with an open heart who would also like to learn. We give support where it is needed and step outside our small niche in the blogosphere in order to lend our ears and voices to other causes in exchange for mutual support.

Bridges topics include: parenting children with special medical needs, neonatal death, parenting children with ADHD, prematurity, adoption, allergies, parenting children with Asperger Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, bleeding disorders, borderline personality disorder, addiction, breast cancer, chronic pain, depression, infertility, living child-free, pregnancy and loss, surrogacy, stillbirth, postpartum depression, and probably others that I’m forgetting.

Once a month, the site runs a special “100 Words” post, and we encourage all readers to participate.  We post a topic and you write 100 Words about that topic.  All of the collected posts scroll and build throughout the designated day, giving a wonderful cross-section of thoughts, feelings, experiences and opinions.  September’s 100 Words topic was “September 11th” and it was very powerful.  You can read the post from the archives.  October’s topic will be “Love” and is scheduled to run on October 13.  Go give the site a peek.  I think you’ll love it.


One response to “Special Needs Sunday: Links

  1. Maggie, dammit

    October 5, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    I’ve never even heard of this disease, nor this Bridges effort. What a treat to click over here and learn so much, however bittersweet the information! Thanks for putting this out there.


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