Travel Bed for Older Toddler

01 Sep

While we were at my mom and dad’s this summer, I realized that Jenna didn’t fit well in her Pack ‘n Play anymore. When she laid on her back, her feet touched one end and her head touched the other. If she stretched out straight, she didn’t fit unless she laid diagonally. She was also able to put a leg over and try climbing out, which had the potential for catastrophic consequences.

If she didn’t have feeding pump issues overnight, we would have simply graduated her to a sleeping bag, but we’re pretty concerned about keeping her “contained” while she’s hooked up to the pump. It would NOT be good if she got up and started wandering around while attached to everything.

So, I did some searching and came across the Kidco Peapod Plus. It’s essentially a mini, toddler-sized tent. It has mesh, zippered window panels that also have flaps to zip down to close out other distractions. It comes with an air mattress, a pump, a sleeping bag, and a handy carrying case with an outside pocket. When it’s all folded up, it’s lighter and smaller than the Pack ‘n Play. I like the sound of that! Since Jenna seems to be especially infatuated with tents right now, we decided this might be the perfect solution. The manual states that this will work for kids up to five years old, but, of course that will depend on how tall they are. The dimensions for the Peapod Plus are 52.5″L x 34″W x 25″H. Jenna will be three in January and is 36″ right now, so this should last us for a while.

Our Peapod arrived this week in all its pink glory, and Jenna could not be more thrilled. We let her play in it for the first couple of days and then put it away, explaining that it was for “special times” when we go somewhere else to sleep. She’s pretty excited that it’s her new special bed and is ready to travel somewhere now (she keeps suggesting Mexico. Sounds good to me!). Here’s a picture of her peeking out of her Peapod Plus: (there’s also a “less pink” version of this available in red, navy and khaki)

Here are two pictures of it folded up and in its carrying case to give you an idea of its packable size. (There are other fantastic pictures available at the company’s website). Keep in mind that this includes the tent, the air mattress, the hand pump, and the sleeping bag:

This one shows its thickness

And this one shows how big around it is

MUCH more manageable than a Pack ‘n Play, in my opinion. It was a little tricky to fold it up the first time, but I think I was just nervous that I was going to break it. You don’t take anything apart, you just literally start folding and kind of twisting until it fits in the bag. I did it two more times, and it was a breeze. When you take it out of the bag, it instantly pops into the shape of a tent. Voila! I love it!

Our plan is to run Jenna’s tube out from between the two zipper pulls that close the flap, then we can fasten the two pulls together (with a twist-tie?) to keep her from being able to exit without our knowledge. We haven’t tried all of that yet, so we’ll have to let you know how it goes.

Finally, there are also regular Kidco Peapods (not “Plus”) available for a bit less money, but they are not as long, wide or tall, and would be outgrown more quickly. The cheapest I found the Kidco Peapod Plus for online, was $65.95 from Happy Mothers via Amazon. It arrived quickly and in great condition. Oh! And for $15 extra, you can order a miniature, matching Peapod Plus toy model for your daughter to use with her dolls. I don’t think we’ll be doing this, but it IS cute!


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3 responses to “Travel Bed for Older Toddler

  1. iMommy

    September 1, 2008 at 1:21 am

    Ooh, I’ve seen these around and considered them for travel as well — we’ll be getting ready to start visiting family in FL early next year, and a place for Boopie to sleep is always a challenge.

  2. Insta-Mom

    September 1, 2008 at 2:31 am

    The peapod is a great idea, but I am totally in love with your window in the background.

  3. psychmamma

    September 1, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    iMommy –

    I can’t imagine any toddler not liking the novelty of such a fun sleeping place! Boopie would probably be in toddler heaven.

    Insta-Mom –

    Thanks for the window compliment! We totally renovated the old house we live in, and this window is a fun little indulgence that didn’t break the bank. We closed off a door there, but still wanted to let light in. We LOVE stained glass, but it’s NOT cheap. This is actually “fake” stained glass I’m not sure what it’s technically called), but it’s a replacement window for a front door! It’s arched at the top and totally looks like the “real thing.” Our carpenters simply framed it in to fit, and Voila! Beautiful light every day. When the sun shines through the glass, it makes fun rainbows on our hardwood floor that Jenna loves to find. 🙂


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