Green laundry

17 Jul

We’ve been using Laundry Dropps for about two years now and love them.  For 60 loads of laundry (3 packs of 20 Dropps), you pay $23 (approx.) at Amazon, and they’re eligible for Super-Saver shipping if you stock up (or order something else to meet the minimum), which means they’re delivered right to your door!  No more wrestling with huge jugs of detergent from the store!  And there are lots of other “pros” too:

  • Dropps are little biodegradable pacs that dissolve completely and eliminate measuring & mess (1 pac per load)
  • They work in HE machines and in all temperatures (we wash everything in cold)
  • They’re available in unscented or a light fresh scent
  • They’re phosphate and enzyme-free and use minimal packaging

You really just toss a pac in the wash and you’re done.  [Jenna loves throwing the pac in]  The package instructions say that large loads require 2 pacs, but I’ve experimented, and clothes come clean just fine with just one pac, even with large loads.  The only time I use 2 pacs is when I’m washing my husband’s work clothes when they’re heavily soiled.  I love that the detergent is gentle enough for babies and people with sensitive skin and that it’s available in unscented.  I usually don’t like scents with detergents, but I actually didn’t mind the fresh scent because it was so light.  Finally, the company states that:

We don’t waste water in manufacturing and don’t waste energy transporting heavy jugs, making Dropps a lean, green cleaning machine.

Yes, we could probably find something cheaper, but we love the ease of use and the gentle environmental impact.  And hey –  my husband even thinks doing laundry is fun/easy with the Dropps pacs, and I’m up for anything to get a little help with the laundry….

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Posted by on July 17, 2008 in Going Green, Product Reviews


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