Quiet games for kids

15 Jul

Here are some game ideas to use with kids while you’re traveling, waiting at a doctor’s office or restaurant, or any other place where you need to fill up time with quiet things to do.  Courtesy of Parenting magazine (May 2007). 

Stencil Stuff:

  • Draw around keys, credit cards, and and objects you can find in your purse or diaper bag.  Give your child the objects and have them match them to the outline.  When they’re finished, let them color in the stencils.


  • Take turns closing your eyes and scribbling like crazy on separate sheets of paper.  Exchange scribbles and complete each other’s pictures or color in the spaces.

Build-a-square (I played this as a kid):

  • Draw a square of dots and take turns drawing lines to connect 2 dots.  Whoever completes a box by drawing the 4th line gets to put their initials inside the box.  See who gets the most initials.

Favorite things:

  • Give three verbal clues about food, colors, animals or things that you like and the other person tries to guess what you’re talking about.

Puppet show:

  • Scrunch a tissue into a ball and drape another tissue over it.  Twist below the ball and secure with a rubber band or hair elastic if you have one.  Place on top of a pen and create a puppet show.

Fan races:

  • Fold paper into fans for each of you.  Make tiny tissue balls and see who can fan their ball the fastest across a table, tray or floor.
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