01 Jul

When Jenna’s on her feeding pump in the morning, we let her watch a movie for one hour (we don’t have TV, but that’s a post for another time). As I told you before, she’s a little sensitive right now to things that are “scary.” It’s interesting to watch how much the music and lighting of an animated movie affects her. Even though the movie isn’t scary, when the music gets tense and the light gets dark/dim, she gets very concerned. When she starts to feel scared now, I’ve noticed that she turns her head away from the movie and watches from the corner of her eye. I guess watching with one eye is less frightening than watching it full on. Or maybe it just puts her in a better position to look away quickly if she needs to. Very cute.

She loves the movie Cinderella right now, and she asks for it by saying, “Watch, Boobity, Boobity, Ba?” and she thinks the Fairy Godmother’s name IS “Boobity Boobity Ba”.

She also started saying, “Okie dokie artichokie!” which she picked up from one of her movies. She’s at that cute (most of the time) phase right now where she really latches on to words and phrases that she hears and repeatedly echoes them like she’s trying them out. Unfortunately, this isn’t always good. She picked up on someone saying something was “stupid” and she periodically walks around the house now muttering, “Stupid, stupid.” It’s actually kinda cute FOR NOW, but potentially dangerous territory, so we’re choosing to ignore it for the time being. So far, she says it rarely and harmlessly, and any comment from us could reinforce the behavior and kick her stubbornness/determination into play. You know what I mean – – you gently and sternly say, “We don’t say words like that.” and they become more determined and shout, “Yeah! I WANT to say words like that!”

Another cute phrase she’s trying out is “You’re kidding me!” and she’s prefacing her answers with “Ummm…(dramatic pause)”

She’s also learning to label emotions. The other morning, she deliberately threw the shoes I was getting ready to dress her in on the floor. It had already been a rough morning, and I think I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, sighed, and picked up the shoes and put them on her. She looked at me very seriously and asked, “Mommy sad? And angry?”

Have I asked before how she can be growing up so fast??

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