I have a few minutes….

14 Jun

Have you experienced some really bad customer service lately? How about at a doctor’s office? We recently went in to get Jenna’s cast removed.

Jenna with cast

She had to have an x-ray before the cast could come off.

After the “normal” excruciatingly long wait to be called, the x-ray technician took us back and got her positioned on the x-ray table. She then proceeded to ANSWER HER CELL PHONE. She turned her back to us and said, “Sure, I have a few minutes” and wandered away a few paces. She proceeded to discuss logistics of what sounded like a kitchen renovation going on at her home for 5 minutes. Do you know how long 5 minutes is in toddler time?? I’m not sure, but I think it would equate to like a gazillion light years. As it became apparent that a meltdown was on the horizon (and we hadn’t even gotten to the cast removal part), we left. The technician had the gall to give us some attitude when she had to come find us outside in the waiting room (that was equipped with toys). Um, hello. Do you have children, Snooty Technician? Even if you don’t, do you realize how unprofessional your behavior was? Sigh.

On a separate annoying doctor visit to Jenna’s pulmonologist, we went through the wait period and then the nurse took all Jenna’s vitals. As the nurse was getting ready to leave, he said, “Dr. Unknown will be with you soon” (doctor’s name changed to graciously spare embarrassment). I said, “What?! We were scheduled with Dr. Known.” The nurse looked uncomfortable and said, “Dr. Unknown works WITH Dr. Known.” as if this made it OK for them to switch docs on us. He said, “Maybe they switched days. I’m sure you’ll like Dr. Unknown – he’s very nice.” Excuse me. That is not the issue. Arrrgh. It ended up that Dr. Unknown WAS very nice, and I DID like him, BUT, he asked lots of questions that hopefully “our” doctor would not have had to ask. Did Dr. Unknown even review our file? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like we should have been told that we’d have a different doctor and been offered the option to schedule at a different time.

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